Integrated Power & Lighting Systems

Solar Power Generator

Slider Mobile Unit

Solar LED Signage


We are dedicated to the Research and Development, Commercialization and Distribution of the following Green Energy Technology Products.

  • Over the Road Trucking Vehicles
  • Recreational and Motorsports Vehicles
  • Military, Governmental
  • APU Power for Police, Fire, Emergency Vehicles
  • Left Trucks, Boom Trucks and Utility Truck Power Systems
  • Advanced Smart lithium manganese iron phosphate Battery Systems
  • Large Mobile & Stationary Battery Storage and Distribution Systems.
  • Electrical Energy Management Systems.
  • Grid Link Energy Storage and Management Systems.
  • Solar Production Systems.
  • IT power systems.
  • Emergency Light systems with Solar backup Generation.
  • Mobile Power Generation.
  • Electric Vehicle Battery Systems.
  • Electric Vehicle Products.
  • Electric Vehicle Performance Products, Enhances existing Hybrids.
  • Products for all production Electric Vehicles.
  • High performance after market and parts & products.
  • Replacement aftermarket factory batteries.
  • Certification and Training programs for sales and installation.
  • Full Product Education and training with full product support network
  • Product Support and update education and training.
  • Dealer authorization programs for licensing the sales and installation.
  • Includes full product education and training with full product support.