Home and Business Automation

Since Man has harnessed energy; Man has also found a way to control it, compartmentalize it and then re-sell it. At that point the Consumer has been trying to figure out a way to battle back or at the very least drive down the cost of the monstrous utility bill every month. Well look no further. Synergy has got you covered by using today’s technology at its very best. Did you know that you can save up to 35% or more on your current utility bill by utilizing one of our affordable and custom designed Home or Business Automation Systems? It’s true.

What is an Automation System? What if I was to tell you that it’s simply a smart way to automatically turn off and on your lights, adjust your thermostat up or down and a way to tell your house when you’re leaving or coming home? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……Sounds expensive doesn’t it? Well it’s not. How expensive is it to heat and cool your Business or Home? How expensive is it to leave a multitude of lights on? What if we were to take this one step further and purpose opening and securing door locks? Maybe even having some hi-definition cameras integrated in the system? How about viewing and controlling this live 24 hours a day 365 days a year from anywhere in the world on an iPad/iPhone or Android application? It’s a reality.

Some of the awesome features that you can take advantage of with an Automated System:

  • Massive water leak monitoring
  • Programmable lighting solutions
  • Programmable environments for heating and cooling
  • Wi-Fi Capable Master Controller
  • Tornado Alerts
  • Weather, Traffic, News,
  • Security Capability
  • Carbon Monoxide and Fire Capable (Home Only)

If you’d like anymore information on your Business or Home Automation System we’re just a phone call away.