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Synergy System Solutions provides multiple technologies that integrate into each other and are commonly backed up by a solar array to ensure a unique UPS system for stabilization and continuance of power. We provide Solar Systems that will light up standard signage for a median that directs the public in an industrial park, or a sign that shines the way to your local Pizza Parlor.

We also provide design, implementation and Integration for Hi-Definition Surveillance Systems that are unparalleled in today’s market. Our systems are designed and manufactured right here in North America. These systems are also maintained and backed up by a Solar Array that is unmatched by our competitors. We have a direct line to the only manufacturer supplying this smart technology in Michigan and are deploying it for your success.

We also integrate Access Control Systems and have partnered with one of America’s best product lines. These systems combined with Hi-Definition Surveillance and backed up on a Solar Platform will definitely change the way you normally think of how security is implemented in today’s market.

Synergy System Solutions has partnered with some of the leading technical development and manufacturing companies in America to make sure you get not only the best out of your platforms, but longevity as well.

We only succeed on your success, not on ours.

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Jerry Eden
Synergy System Solutions